Thursday, March 27, 2008


A few people have been asking me when I'm going tp publish some of the interviews I've done this year, well, one of them, my surreal encounter with Humberto Brenes, has just been uploaded onto the blonde poker homepage. Also there is my one-on-one will super geek Bill Chen, not to mention Floppy's recent exchange with EPT Prague victor and French frogster Arnaud Mattern. To read any of those interviews, please click the links below.

Humberto Brenes

Bill Chen

Arnaud Mattern

For those of you who subscribe to poker magazines, or, like me, have a tendancy to stand there shamelessly reading them in Borders, then please feel free to check out my recent article in WPT. This month I'm discussing legendary blogger Ed Hollis, which might be of interest to you guys because, well, you read blogs, obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. I tend to be at the back of magazines, although I haven't worked out if this means anything or not. Is there a page hierarchy in mags?

In other, and deeply sadder news, I've been informed that I don't possess the biggest chops in poker. Rumour has it that John McCririck is still alive and kicking with the mega chops on full display every time he hits the felt. I may have to chop the chops while he's sleeping, or perhaps put a horse's head in his bed just to send him a message.

This is me upon receiving the bad news...

Anyhow, shameless plug over.


At 7:39 PM, Blogger Tam said...

You don't need to cut John's off completely.

Just shave them down so that they are exactly the same size as yours. Then you can perhaps share the prize?

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Amatay said...

you look like some geezer who used to go out with my ex bird, maybe it is or rather was you mmmm?? Didnt you use to have a bleach blond skin head fish???


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