Thursday, May 29, 2008


Day 2...

Am at the Orleans, but will be heading over to the Rio tomorrow in preparation for my Alan Patridge-esque stint. Been pretty quiet so far, and there don't seem to be too many Brits around, apart from Neil Channing who has temporarily exchanged the Bellagio for the Vic. Guess I won't be seeing much homegrown talent in Friday's 10k Omaha, although surely the likes of Colclough, Goodwin, Grundy, Ashby and co won't miss that one?...

Still a bit jet lagged, so took it easy today, basically wandering aimlessly around the casinos. Managed to see Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, Hooters, MGM, Tropicana and Luxor, all with expected gaudy themes. Can't work out Mandalay Bay though, is that a place? Is it like Summer Bay? Nope, hold on, just Wikipedia-ed it and apparently it's a South East Asia theme - that's like Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc... Hmm, not one of the dealers said they'd been loving me long time, so I'm not convinced.

Somehow was able to walk from Mandalay Bay all the way back to Orleans without dying of dehydration (okay, okay, we stopped off for shelter in the Adult Superstore on the way - needs must when you are a curious cat), but it shows that the weather here is workable, unlike the pending 110+ heatwave of upcoming months.

After a few fruitless spins on the slots and a debut at In-N-Out Burger (surely slimmest menu of any restaurant around), finished the night with a second trip to the flicks to see The Forgotten Kingdom. Nice surprise, not amazing, but still plenty of fun, and great to see Jackie Chan and Jet Li in collaboration, even if their scenes, the ones that were in English and thus didn't require subtitles, really did.


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