Monday, June 16, 2008


Day 18…

Day two of the $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em Freezeout took me into the Brasilia room for the first time. I’m unsure as to why they haven’t used these rooms before as it’s a perfect substitute, or, in this incident, appendix to the Amazon Room. In fact, it’s almost like a miniature version, which somehow makes it more pleasurable to work in. Sometimes, I think the sheer vastness of the Amazon Room and constant hustle and bustle can be a discomforting and overwhelming experience.

There were few big names remaining in this event, but it did boast a handful of Brits. Although Dave Barnes, Graham Wheldon and Mike Ellis all went deep, none left with much more than their entry fee and the hunt for the bracelet continues.

There was one kid who was causing a fuss throughout both opening days. Every time he was in a pot, he’d shout profanities and spurt out random shit that the whole room could hear. If he won, he exploded, striding around the room screaming. Sometimes it was genuinely hard to work out if he’d won the hand or not.

Apparently, there’s meant be a new rule being implemented this year to prevent over-celebration after the Neanderthal actions of that bozo Hevad Khan. Sadly, I didn’t see it used effectively here as said nutter wasn’t ejected until he threatened Graham Wheldon deep into day two. In my opinion, disciplinary action should have taken place the day before.

It would seem that I’m not the only one who finds time-keeping in Vegas a disorientating experience.

Rod : “I left the casino one night expecting it to be dark, but the sun was beaming.”

Dana : “Sometimes I go out for a cigarette just to see what part of the day we’re in.”

Day 19…

The final of the $2,000 was won by Blair Hinkle, who, along with brother Grant Hinkle who had won event two just ten days earlier, became the first ever brother sibling to win bracelets. Nolan Dala had his best statisticians (well, himself on Google) working profusely to confirm, and it would appear it’s a first. We’ve had Tilly/Laak, Duke/Lederer, Doyle/Todd and Matusow/Negreanu (they dated a while back) for various other combinations, but, incredibly, never two brothers. Perhaps granny Hinkle could come down next year and take down the ladies’ event.

Although Blair was undoubtedly a talented player and fully deserving of his win, I did feel that both him and his army of fans on the rail lacked a certain level of decorum. There was one hand where Blair hit a set to eliminate Daniel O’Brien in third with sixes versus eights. The Blairites chanted for a six, and when it hit they erupted. Blair leapt up and down, high fived his buddies and generally took the pot as loudly as possible. Maybe it’s just me, but over-celebrating just isn’t frowned upon here, no matter how much it bothers me. Personally, if I get lucky and dump a guy out after making a shoddy call, I’m actually embarrassed about fluking an outdraw and would rather opt to take it quietly. Maybe I’m just too British.

What was most extra-ordinary, however, was that some of the rail would bark and shout ‘sickdog’ at regular intervals. This is because James Akenhead, who came second to Grant earlier on in the Series, uses the moniker ‘sickdog’ and Blair’s middle name is James. Nice, a ten day rub-down for someone who dominated heads up before having his A-K fucked over by T-4. Again, when there’s so much money floating around, it’s surely common decency not to rub salt in open wounds.

The whoop is by far one of the world’s most annoying sounds. I hear it every time I pass the craps tables on the way to the cardroom, but at least it’s taking money from the casino rather than a player’s hands. The main event’s the worst, as people are all too aware of the roaming cameras and will erupt at the first available opportunity to try and get some TV time. Attention-seeking at its worst.

Each time I finish covering event, another one starts two days later. After updating four of the buggers, it now becoming a grind and I’m dreading doing the 6-handed. I hope I don’t come to despise this game before my time here is done. After all, no one wants to hate doing their job.


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