Saturday, August 25, 2007


Just a quick post to report that I came up short in the £100er too. Played okay, made some good moves but perhaps called too much and dribbled away a few chips unnecessarily. Couldn't seem to hit too many Flops, but I'm sure I was bluffed off a few too.

Remained patient and found A-K with blinds at 100 and 200. All-in for about 1k, called by A-K, split pot. Sigh! Very next hand, found A-K again. Moved in for 1.1k and same guy called in the small blind with Q-T (?!). K-6-7-8-9 board. Double sigh!

Discounting the £50er (which I prob won't bother with now), I have one bullet left. Bought in for the Main Event on Thursday and looking forward to playing what is possibly the country's best tournament.

Oh yeah, I was a tad derogatory to the Gutshot on my last post, so how about some positives. Decent dealers, pretty good service and the £100er started dead on 8pm, which I liked.

Toodle pip.


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