Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Not too much exciting has happened recently. mainly because I've been busy live updating the NPL Main Event. I did play online for a few days and earn $600, which was cool, but then I had to work for PokerNews.

I haven't worked for PokerNews before, but their software is pretty slick and easy to use. The only problem is that I can't say certain things or make subjective comments regarding people, venues, hands, etc. At one point, I recall contacting the supervisor and asking him if it was okay to use the title 'Girl on Girl Action' for a headline when Maria Demetriou eliminated Jennifer Tilley. The response was inevitably negative.

Speaking of Jennifer Tilly, I can't imagine how she found her way to the Loose Cannon Club. Only 34 players (which was actually more than Roy Houghton expected) turned up for the Main Event. I guess she was somehow contracted to play, as I'd expect this would be pretty small fry for her. Either way, I was happy, she was wearing a light blue thong that I accidentally spotted - she gets the Beagle seal of approval.

On Day 2, our photographer raced up saying, "Hey, I just looked on the Internet, and it say's Jennifer Tilly is 48." I already knew this, but the photographer simply couldn't believe it, and in truth, she looks mighty fine for someone nearing half a decade in the world. If I look as good as that at 48, I'll be as happy as Larry, whoever he is. Actually, hold on, if I look like that I will have undertaken a sex change. Gulp.

Peter Gould won, and he was probably the most well-known player on the final. There were some big names present though: Tony G, Roy Brindley, Dave Colclough, Gary Jones, just off the top of my head. Oh yeah, Roland de Wolfe too, he was having a needlathon with Tony G and the banter was rife, although admittedly friendly and light hearted.

Not a hand went by without them two verbally poking and taunting each other. I remember Roland taking a pot off Tony G and making the comments, "Ring BMX, it's bike time" and "I'm going to take everything you have," both of which prised a rare smile out of me.

Speaking of Roland, I had to laugh when he said in the taxi home that a £2.5k entry wasn't very big for him. It's not that he's a millionaire or anything, it's just the mentality that big gamblers seem to possess. As he put it, "When you gamble with such huge amounts, it doesn't matter if you're rich or broke, 2.5k just isn't that much."

It sounds stupid, but I can understand what he means. I haven't got a massive bankroll in comparison to some of the bigger players, but lost a 5k pot online the other week, and wasn't particularly bothered. I remember the day when I misplaced £3 at school and was gutted for weeks.

It reminds me of people like Dubai, Nik Persaud, David Benyamine and so on. They can be affluent one day and penniless the next, but whichever it is, they won't hesistate in splashing out or buying into that big comp. Even if it's their last dime, they'll take a shot, and it won't affect their game one bit. If they lose, then so be it, they'll get a backer for the next comp, but nevertheless they're gonna try spinning it up and see how far they can go. It's a cavalier attitude to poker, but it's one that I can understand. It's probably a lot more exciting than grinding too, if not slightly more risky.

Well, taking a shot is what I'm planning to do this week. I noticed the Gutshot Series of Poker is back on Wednesday, even if they are soon to close down. From what I remember from last year, the structure for these events, especially the Main Event, are awesome and give skill every opportunity to prevail. Also, 3 days of poker in the big one is too much too refuse, so I plan to play the whole week which will set me back just under a grand.

A grand is probably a big amount after dumping a load online recently, but as with Roland, it doesn't feel like much, so I'm going to give it a crack. I guess this is one thing that's changed with me recently - my value of money has disintegrated and I'm simply not overly fussed if my money goes down the hole. However, I finalled in the £200er last year and made Day 2 of the Main Event, so let's see if we can't spin it up and raise the bar that little bit higher.


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