Thursday, December 20, 2007


Do blogs read better when the author pens his entry right after a big loss? Well, that's what has just happened to yours truly, a $2.3k loss in one night a chunky addition to what I owe the tax man. I'm not overly fussed, mainly because I've just lost what I made in the last three days playing heads up, so know I can get it back. Also, it was the result of a few nasty coolers/bad beats. I initially wrote them out in this line, but suddenly realised that it was (1) pointless and (2) of no interest to anyone, including myself.

However, the bottom line is that I didn't play well, and after a long fought out week of disciplined poker, made one crucial error - I played good players when no bad ones were available. And instead of scarpering once I received my cooler or bad beat, I re-filled and played on, which is stupid, because the sharks will skin me alive.

I knew tonight was coming, and I fought I was prepared, but I guess I wasn't. I think I just got greedy after such a good run. Anyhow, it hurts to take so many steps back, but I have to just accept it and go through the motions again. Back to the drawing board tomorrow - I'm confident I can get that $2.3k back by Christmas. I'll let you know if I do...


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