Saturday, December 22, 2007


Went to the chiropractor's the other day with a painful coccyx injury only to be told that my posture is terrible and needs to be rectified before it leads to major problems. This is easier than it sounds as I spend most of my time slouched in a chair, either working, playing poker or watching TV. Today my upper back was causing me terrible pain, so I was pretty miserable and probably shouldn't have played until later in the day. They do reckon there is a quick fix to my damaged coccyx, but the phrase 'via the rectum' soon put me off that idea.

This dude sat down with the max of $400. I'd never played him before, so thought I'd give it a crack. People who join tables are normally weaker than the snakes that lurk in the bushes. However, this guy was good, no complaints. Yes, he did have cardrackitus, and I couldn't hit a cow's ass with a banjo (who the hell gave birth to that phrase?), but my head just wasn't in the game and he took me to school. He was unpredictable, tight but aggressive and great at value betting. It was one of those games where I genuinely thought he could see my cards - whatever I did, it was the wrong move. My timing hasn't been that bad since the time I asked a girl I'd just slept with if she knew what herpes was. Okay, that's a joke, I would never do that, and I certainly don't have herpes. Got crabs though.

It's made me think twice about the value of playing those who enter the game with the max. On average, they just seem to be better, so unless I know them to be fishes, I'll probably just sit out in future and wait for a smaller stack that I can bully easier.

At one stage, I was over seven hundred down to this guy in less than an hour. Sigh, pretty demoralising to lose yesterday's profit in such a short time. I was gonna head off, but I was starting to screw my neck in and was gradually picking up a few reads. I thought that if I could just hit a nice hand, I could make some of my money back. Last hand - found Kings, raised it up and hit a set on an all heart K-9-x Flop. I bet out on the Flop and again on the blank Turn, at which point he made a big chunky re-raise. I pushed and he called with K-9, no hearts, so that was that, no chance of a bad beat. He left straight away, so he's not stupid, which is why I won't be playing him again. Pretty irrelevant now, but I thought he played the hand poorly - he obviously thought I was still steaming, which is what I was hoping he'd think. Neverless, I've marked him down as 'Avoid' and will aim to flee from the table quicker in future if I identify a player of his ability.

Was still down after that encounter, but clawed it back. One mug had me beat for quite a while, but he was pretty loose and couldn't seem to lay down hands, so I kept plugging away until I eventually cleaned him out for a $900 plus pot with T-9 vs. 8-6 on a Q-7-6-8-2 board. He played it terribly including calling an all-in on the River when it was an obvious fold, any other player and I probably would have value bet instead. Also felted some fish who sat with $250 but decided to shove it all-in pre-flop with K-J when I limp re-raised from the button with Kings. I guess he was in a festive mood. Either way, he's now top of my exclusive buddy list. If I can hunt him down again, it'll be goose on Tuesday instead of turkey.

That last win put me up by $100 or so for the day. I decided to stop at that point because I felt that if I dipped below what I started the day with, I would become frustrated and start chasing... and losing. Also, I hadn't eaten since last night's steak, which is never a good idea.

No chat to report I'm afraid, no one wanted to speak to me and I was busy trying to find the 'aids' guy to tell him that I was still alive.

I'm relieved to be up for the day, but simultaneously disappointed that it's only a few bucks. Xmas is upon us and it's hard to find time to play without appearing rude - family and friends don't always realise that this is part of my earnings.

biggest pot won: $913.00
biggest pot lost: $291.00
time at the table: 2hrs 17mins

profit = $140.24
blonde poker account = $2,060.40
$2,939.60 to go before the tax man goes away.


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