Wednesday, January 23, 2008


If you kidnapped the Fonz, lodged him in a fridge jam-packed with cucumbers and shipped him off to the North Pole, he still wouldn't be as cool as the cold deck I experienced yesterday. I always think a cooler's more entertaining than a bad beat, especially when your opponent calls a chunky pre-flop re-raise with T-7o and Flops Quad Tens to put your Pocket Kings in all sorts of bother.

Of course, that hand cleaned me out and didn't equate to the best of starts, but whilst previously I may have lost my head and subsequently relegated myself to playing a 'B' game, recently I've learnt to brush it aside easier and continue to play to the best of my ability. Also, I recognised that my opponent was a weak player, so remained patient and, thank the Poker Gods, eventually cleaned him out for a tidy profit.

I've learnt recently that my game seems to be best suited to taking on players who sit with less than me, even 50% or below. Variance can always give a weak player a double up, but if you have an edge and a consistent chip advantage, then more often than not, you will finish them off in one big pot that includes what they initially took off you. For them to get lucky and double up twice is very rare.

A dirty technique that I've noticed recently is that if you want to assure yourself of a game, then there's no reason why you can't sit down on as many tables as possible. What's even filthier is if you then join all the tables of the other sharks waiting for opposition and then just sit out. Moooohahaha, the Beagle moves in mysterious ways, but sometimes the action is just so dry and I'm a sucker for temptation.

I've been meaning to update my player notes, but they've been piling up on my desk for a while now and are starting to look intimidating. I also had a deadline to meet for WPT Magazine. If you don't already know, I write a monthly article for their mag and this month's piece was on Ed 'BlueScouse' Hollis and his highly popular blog, 88% Concentration. I won't go into details about the article, but it should be an interesting read for all you fellow bloggers if you get a chance to read it.

Re-reading through the Ed Hollis story (Christ Almighty, that was a trudge), it did make me realise how boring my blog might be. At the moment, I'm just tootling along a few hundred bucks at a time. No big swings, no going bust, no feeling suicidal - is this lack of Hollis-esque excitement off-putting? I hope not, but I understand why it might be. This is one of the reasons why I try and discuss some of my strategies. I'm still pretty new to heads-up, so raising such issues helps me think about them fully and hopefully makes for an eye-opening read to anyone else looking to play heads-up.

Everything's peachy at the moment. Hopefully, all being well, I'm on the way to buying into the Green Joke Poker deepstack event in February. Not counting my chickens just yet though...

biggest pot won: $456.40
biggest pot lost: $404.32
time at the table: 2hr 53min

profit = $303.72
blonde poker account = $5,540.06
-$540.06 to go before the tax man comes back

Days played = 18
total time played = 57 hrs 52 mins
total rake earned = $860.85
current $ per hour = $73.27
current $ per day = $235.56


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