Wednesday, December 21, 2005


For those of you still following my progress, here are the results of my first month in the game:

-- Live --

Comps = 5
Comp Types = 3 freezouts, 1 unlimited rebuy, 1 single rebuy
Total Buy-In Cost = £600
Total Registration Fee Cost = £66
Total Prize Winnings = £2900

Net Live Profit = £2134

-- Online --

Multi Comps = 2
Multi Profit = -£6
(including 1x $550+30 Cruise Weekly Final – fee accrued from Ladder Comps)

Cash Game Sessions = 16
Hours Played = 1204 mins (~20 hrs)
Average Session Length = 75 mins (1hr 15mins)
Longest Session = 207 mins (3hrs 45mins)
Shortest Session = 12 mins
Biggest Pot Won = $721.30
Biggest Pot Lost = $1004.40

Cash Game Profit = £718
Hourly Income = £35.78/hr

Net Online Profit = £712


Total Profit = £2846

Although I dumped $1400 yesterday, I’m still delighted with the outcome. I really can’t complain with earning just less than 3 grand in under a month. I do feel an added pressure from the folks to reach prosperous targets, but I think that they would be quietly impressed by those figures.

(i) Live Performance

Absolutely chuffed to bits with my live form. This month I reached two festival finals, 8th in Walsall and 5th at Luton. These were only £200 events, but with fields of 163 and 90 respectively, I’m happy just to know I’m performing well. It makes me think that I should play more big freezouts as I seem to have a decent success rate. I doubt many folk can claim to have cashed in their first three ranking events.

During the festivals, I managed to resist the temptation to play the more expensive events. At the moment, I’m not sure my bankroll can cope with the fluctuations. Fortunately, the live updates have kept me busy and enabled me to resist the temptation of investing some of my winnings on these bigger events.

I was also pleased to have hit 3rd at the Gala’s £20 single rebuy event. I loved this comp and it was reassuring to learn that cheap freezouts with reasonable starting stacks actually existed. If only these had been available to me a few years ago.

So, I’m in good form and reaching finals. No massive victories, but hopefully a big win is just around the corner…

(ii) Online Performance

as mentioned on a previous post, I have adopted a rating system by which I allocate myself a score out of 5 based on individual performances. Looking back, it appears that I started off well, but eventually finished the month playing poor poker.

When you encounter a streak of winning sessions, the inevitable losing day becomes that much harder to accept. Although to no dramatic extent, I have to confess to tilting on this occasion. Also, I didn’t quit when I should have. I was lethargic and clearly fatigued, but continued to play in an attempt to recuperate my loss. I was still playing relatively well, but this decision undoubtedly accounted for some of my deficit on that day.

I’m maintaining a solid aggressive game, and, on the whole, it seems to be paying off. There were times when I failed to let go of a hand, even when I knew I was behind. In addition, I have been raising preflop too frequently. In reflection, my profitable sessions have been when I’ve selected my opportunities more prudently.

Up until one particular day, my discipline had been pretty sound. Short carefully chosen sessions with plenty of breaks. Rarely have I played when tired or steaming. I’m yet to play drunk, but that does involve consumption of alcohol at some point. Suppose Christmas will be the true test.

(iii) Changes For Month 2

Not too many. I guess you don’t need to change a winning formula, just the odd tweak here and there. I will, however, make sure that I rectify the errors made on my losing day of online cash play. To achieve this I’ll need to:

(1) Be more selective in my preflop raising
(2) Refrain from titling whatsoever
(3) Don’t play too long and quit when I’m tired
(4) Assure plenty of breaks are taken
(5) Not chase losses or unattainable targets.

I intend to carry on playing online cash games and the odd live freezout. These are probably my strong points, so it makes sense for them to be my main focus of attention. Once my bankroll expands, I shall branch out to online multis and live cash games, but for the time being, I’m happy to chug along with what I’m already playing.

I definitely want to get myself fit and healthy again. I’m down to 9.5 stone, which is pretty light for me considering I was 11.5 at one stage. Suppose it’s all those late nights, a meal missed now and then, who knows? Anyhow, with Christmas dinner fast approaching, I’m sure I’ll pile those pounds back on in record time. I recall preaching in an earlier post, ‘Healthy body means healthy mind.’ Well, I still stand by that cliché and I fully intend to put it into practice over the next 4 weeks. Before you know it, I’ll be an Olympic athlete!

(iv) Targets For Month 2

I dislike setting financial targets in case I fall short. I don’t want to find myself trying to force bluffs or playing when I shouldn’t, just to reach a specific figure. Therefore, I’ll simply set my target to ‘profit’. At the moment, while I find my feet, I’m just happy making a bit of money playing the game I love. If I can keep things ticking over while I adjust to the lifestyle, I’ll remain a happy chappy.

Phew. Apologies for the long post. Hope it was of some interest. Guess it’s worth it though. It’s good to get things down into written form so I can maintain a realistic perspective on my progress. Before I finish, I really should just state that I have had an absolute blast over the past 4 weeks. I’m working when I want, sleeping when I want, eating when I want. I feel as though I’m in control of my own life and that the future is bright. Well, let’s hope so anyway…


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