Sunday, December 18, 2005



I reckon I can answer my own question now.

Just entered a mammoth session of cash game play. About 6 hours in all.

My head hurts and my eyes sting. I took no breaks.

Bad idea.

However, I didn't lose control of my emotions, even though I suffered some bad beats. Without going into detail, I lost $400 when my AA was rivered by KQ. Then, moments later, my made flush was outdrawn by trips with one card to come. $600 within seconds. Ouch. This is the danger of playing more than 1 table. A couple of outdraws and you've lost a packet within a very short space of time. Resisting tilt is then that much harder.

I was enraged at first, but managed to remain composed. I ran into some more bad luck with minor hands, and, at one point, was $800 down. I considered quitting, but decided that I was still playing well.

I stuck at it and managed to claw my way to being $150 up. I thought about stopping again, but decided that I had these guys beat.

An hour or two later, I was at a $600 deficit and seriously regretting my decision to continue. I probably should have stopped here, because I was becoming fatigued and making a few minor errors. However, I decided that, as long as my game didn't go completely down the pan, I'd play on and attempt another comeback. By this time, I think I was in the mindset of, 'I have to get back up to even', which is always dangerous.

Even though I should have quit there and then, I ended up being $100 up. A good result considering I was $800 down. I played well under the doom and gloom of bad beat city, but I still should have stopped playing earlier, if only to take a break.

Anyhow, a real yoyo night for me. I'm emotionally exhausted and ready to be tucked up in my kennel.


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