Friday, February 02, 2007


Seeing as someone asked in a comment...

Due to a busy schedule, it’s a been a week or two since I played an STT, but this was never meant to be a ‘cram as many in as I can’ type of challenge, but more of a casual side challenge that would provide me with something different to do when the tedium of cash game poker caught up with me.

As promised in the opening thread, here are my results thus far:

1st = 16
2nd = 11
3rd = 9
Top 3 = 36
4th = 19
5th = 12
6th = 8
7th = 7
8th = 4
9th = 1
10th = 1

So, out of 88 $5 STT’s, I’ve made a gross profit of $171,00. Obviously, that’s not a huge amount, and the road to $1,000 is a long way off, but at least I’m in good form, cashing in 41% of the games I play.

It sounds bizarre, but I’m actually pretty pleased that I’ve encountered more bubbles than any other position, but, with that figure being twice that of 3rd but only 3 more than 1st, I’m assuming it’s a sign that I’m attacking at the right time rather than creeping into the money.

At first, this challenge was pretty fulfilling, but that was mainly because I was winning. As soon as I started to lose a few, I decided that it was time to multitable. As a result, it isn’t quite as frustrating or time-consuming, and because I’m playing 4 simultaneously rather than just the one with the tele on in the background, I’m more focused and less inclined to make an error, which can be fatal in STT’s.

Jen and Dana always say, “Why play Ladbrokes, the structure on their STT’s are rubbish?” Well, that’s true, but, ironically, that’s the reason I’m playing them in the fist place. If I were to play the better structured STT’s on Stars, not only would they take more time to complete, but I’d also come up against a better standard of players. From my experience, the weaker players love poor structures because it’s over quicker, they want action, not a good structure.

Whilst the general consensus is that a better structure enables you to outplay your opponents, I would say that a skilled player has just a great an advantage on the poorly structured STT’s because he can adapt better and will possess a stronger awareness of the increasing blinds. From what I’ve seen, players panic on Ladbrokes and feel they have to stick it in early, which means you can play a patient game and wait for big hands to cripple them with. On the flipside, they’ll play too meekly when it reaches the bubble period, which means your aggressive play becomes more advantageous than it would do with a good structure as the blinds are worth more.

Overall though, I’m enjoying playing these and they offer a nice distraction to the sometimes stressful sessions of ring game poker. The overall aim was to simply see if I could make a bankroll out of $5 STT’s, and although the variance is extremely high, I believe that with enough patience, I can reach that goal.

The question I want to answer next time is… can you make a living off them?


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