Thursday, January 24, 2008


A no thrills update today because (1) I'm going to Dana's gig tonight and so need to get some work done pronto, (2) I prefer to pen updates on the night rather worry about it the following day and (3) I can't remember what the feck happened yesterday anyhow.

Will post today's results later tonight, but for now, here are the scores on the doors after yesterday's session:

biggest pot won: $252.50
biggest pot lost: $280.30
time at the table: 2hr 1min

profit = $243.15
blonde poker account = $5,783.21
-$783.21 to go before the tax man comes back

Days played = 19
total time played = 59 hrs 53 mins
total rake earned = $860.85
current $ per hour = $74.87
current $ per day = $235.96


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