Sunday, December 17, 2006


Double figures in 4 nights, not bad! Cool

ps, on the off chance that Dana's parents are reading this, we only 'tried' weed in Rookies. We just saw these other joints (ahem - puntastic!) in passing.

Oh crap, they're never gonna believe that! Fork truly at the ready.

Everyone's got to have a hobby...

Now That's What I Call A Museum!

For those of you who have been to the Dam, you'll no doubt have visited the 'sex museum', although I think have been called an 'erotic museum'. Either way, it's full of debauchery!

I'll save you the waffle, take a gander at our piccies, particularly the one of Dana hugging a huge penis. You can't see from the camera, but that's actually me lying down.

-- snoopy was furious that his neighbour was doing more business than him --

-- Seeing that it's nearly Christmas and I'm feeling in the giving mood, here's a quick glimpse of one of my guns. --

-- Dana finally agreed to pay for both our tickets... with a slice of gentle persuasion of course. --

-- Even in a museum I have to fend off the tottie! Sigh, it's a hard life. --

-- Worringly, I've never seen Dana so elated. --

-- Cartoons sure have changed since I was a kid... --


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