Friday, December 23, 2005


Encountered another bad session on Wednesday.

Played for about 1hr 40 mins and lost $428.28

Looking back through Poker Tracker, I don't believe I made many errors, so I shall put it down to a bad run of cards. I missed 2 flush draws when I was pot committed in multiway pots. On another day, those draws bring home the bacon and I'm reporting of a tidy win.

I don't mind losing a session as long as i played well and didn't tilt. On this occasion I feel as though there are many positives I can take away with me.

(i) I quit rather than try to recuperate the loss
(ii) I didn't tilt
(iii) I didn't move up to the higher stake games

Also, I learnt a few things about my game.

(i) I raise raggedy aces preflop too frequently. I don't mind pushing them once in a while, but too often is dangerous as they rarely scoop a big pot.
(ii) I've been getting greedy. Making big raises on the river with monsters when I know my opponents are weak. If I stopped to think, the value bet would be much more profitable in the long-run.
(iii) Sometimes I call a raise with a pocket pair hoping to bust a big stack, then I realise my opponent is short stacked. By then, it's too late, error made.

Also, today I played 1 table of $1/2 Omaha High Low. Whilst not being the greatest player in the world, I like to think my game is relatively strong. Plus, it keeps things fresh. Could go mad playing Texas all year.

Anyway, pretty much broke even on the High Low. There was a fish sitting at the table who was trying desperately hard to give away his money. Twice he fluked a split pot on me.

One hand I was dealt Two Clubs. Flop came . Not too bad for little me. I bet and he called. Turn came giving me the nut flush and a full house draw. I bet the pot again. He called. River was the . I moved all-in and he called in a flash.

Hands were revealed, I showed my nuts for the high, whilst he flipped over three clubs for the low.

Bah. Humbug! Can be a frustrating game sometimes.


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