Thursday, January 26, 2006


Well, I’ve been back for a couple of days now and I still can’t get over how long that final table was. Whenever someone went all-in, they won! As exhausted updaters, that can be so demoralising. Also, every hand seemed to go raise, all-in, fold. This happened on countless occasions and goes some distance to explain how it took 10 hours to whittle 8 players down to 1. I even recall Big TK looking at his watch and shaking his head. Good Lord, he must get bored directing all these tournaments.

Speaking of TK, he’s become ever so dreary recently. I almost drifted off listening to him announce the final table. ‘Fold, fold, fold, raise, fold, fold. Scandieboy wins the pot. Fold, fold, fold…’ and so and so on and so on. He must be suicidal by the end!

He’s certainly dapper though. It was boiling at the end yet he still had his suit jacket on. Reminded me of a Lee Evans show but without all the sweat. His suit didn’t have one crease and he wore a matching tie and hanky. Smooooooooooth. I think he could be the new Des Lynam.

Anyhow, back to the EPT. True, the final was a marathon, but overall, I’m pleased that it was because it means that the structure was good. I heard absolutely no complaints about blinds, clocks, etc, only praise. Therefore, we can’t possibly moan that it was too long. There was plenty of poker to be played and plenty of poker was played. Sounds great to me.

The two finalists deserved to be there, no doubt about that. Both Mads Andersen and Edgar Skjevold are top class players armed with all the moves. I can’t wait to see that Heads Up confrontation on the box. I’m sure there were some outrageous, but well timed, bluffs being played. I was extremely impressed.

One interesting story was that with about 20 competitors left, this Danish journalist came up to me and claimed that Edgar was going to win. I disagreed and suggested that Mads was going to be lifting the trophy. So, he said put your money where your mouth is and accept a small alcoholic wager. I agreed in a shot, even though I was offered 1-2 as a result of Mads’ larger stack. Well, Mads won, but I’m still thirsty. Yep, the bugger scarpered at the end. What a rascal. But it was good that my pick won.

It was a shame that there were so few British participants though. Of course, Ram, Julian, and Bad Girl should be applauded for their cash finishes. Also, a young lad named Thomas Grundy made it quite far. I don’t know too much about him, but I think he deserves a mention. Oh, and before I forget, my apologies to Blondeites doubleup and SuffolkPunch. I’m rubbish with faces and I’m sorry that I didn’t realise you were there. I managed to have a brief chat with Simon Young (SuffolkPunch) after his exit, but he was clearly devastated and not really in the mood to talk. I bet he enjoyed his TV interview with the stunner from PokerStars though. Hubba hubba. Down boy!

What I’d love to do for future EPT updates is perhaps allow someone to select a random player, maybe the one with the most ridiculous name. Then Jen and I could follow this guy intently and see how he gets on. A photo, maybe an interview, anything to give us someone to follow when the familiar names fall. We could make him our stand-in Blondeite, against his will! Could be fun.

Probably the most surreal thing about my trip was that I didn’t once step foot outside of the Radisson hotel until it was time to catch my plane. I’d been in this picturesque country for five days and lived pretty much as a hermit. It felt like a wasted opportunity really, but I was so engrossed in the tournament that it didn’t really bother me until now. Ah well, perhaps I’ll be given a chance to return next year, because it seemed like a lovely place. The view from my hotel window was incredible.

I’m back in good ol’ Brum now, back to the normal routine. Wake up at 9, shower, breakfast, pint of water, then hit the online poker for a couple of hours. Win or lose, I stop around 12, do some writing, then give it another shot in the early evening, perhaps another session before bed. Yep, back to the somewhat repetitive lifestyle that life in England can bring, but I’m not moaning, not one bit. I’ve just come back from Copenhagen after a great 5 days of poker, poker, and more poker.

The online lifestyle still feels fresh and I’m glad that it does because so many people were saying that I’d be bored within days. It’s still early days, but I predict that I’ll still be enjoying life this time next year.

It’s what you make it in the end, it really is…


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