Friday, March 24, 2006


As some of you may have noticed, this blog has been void of online play of late. This isn’t due to laziness on my part, but more because of a lack of time. The reason for this is that my life has taken an unexpected turn since I first threw myself into poker back in November. If you recall, I quit my reliable safe job to venture into the world of poker, not quite knowing where I’d end up, and certainly having no idea to whether that place would be one of profit or loss. Either way, I was determined to give it a shot, and I did.

However, after only 3 months of pursuing an online career, I found myself in the enviable position of blonde team member. In addition to moderating the forum, to which I take great pleasure, my new roles included Live Updating, editing the site content, and helping set up the new site. Although I foolishly expected this to be a part-time responsibility, I soon became aware that it was to take up the majority of my time. I don’t give a monkeys though. Writing about poker, seeing the world, and meeting so many great people is an absolute delight, and I am truly grateful to Dave and tikay for giving me such wonderful opportunities.

In terms of pursuing an online playing career though, I’m forced to put this quest on the back shelf. Going from Vienna straight to Monte Carlo, then returning for the Blonde Bash only to head back home to continue working on the new site, I’ve realised that playing online can no longer be a viable option. I just don’t have the time, and if I do, I’ll probably be fatigued and therefore risk losing money unnecessarily. However, for the sheer reason that I love working for blonde so much, I’m prepared to relinquish what was becoming the crux of my income. Money’s not that important to me, being within a poker atmosphere and loving every day that I’m around my buddies is much more paramount to me.

In other words, I am unable to play online to the extent that I initially wished, and so the direction of this blog is quickly changing. When I started it, I wanted to discuss all the issues that arise when trying to pursue a career in online poker, but, as my play has depleted so much, these questions can no longer be posed.

Therefore, my posts will now be less focused on online play, with entries discussing poker in more general terms. I am still determined to make something of myself in the game, that aim will never vanish, but online isn’t my desired destination. After watching Jen’s display in Monte Carlo, I soon realised that live poker was where I wanted to be. You just can’t beat it. The buzz, the atmosphere, the banter. It’s unprecedented and I doubt online play will ever surpass the excitement that can emerge from playing your opponents face to face.

So, future posts on this blog will be much more centred on my live play as opposed to online. I remain determined to win big at this game, and I am confident that one day I’ll hit the jackpot.

When I first started this thread, I wrote:

“So back to the aforementioned question, ‘Will snoops succeed or fail?’ Only time will tell, but hopefully the poker gods will be smiling upon me.”

Well, in the few months that I played full-time, I made a profit. It wasn’t huge, but it was more than I was earning from my previous job (just), so, in that sense, I’d say I succeeded. I was doing something I loved and making money from it, what more could I ask?

Anyhow, I’d just like to say thanks to all those who wished me good luck and offered such valuable advice. Some of it really helped and I’ve learnt heaps, but now that I receive dosh from blonde, I am longer lacking a guaranteed income.

I’ll keep you posted if I ever become a poker superstar. Could be a while yet though, but I’ll get there…

Watch this space. The blog lives!


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