Tuesday, February 21, 2006


After a dismal performance at the Broadway last week, to which I will elaborate further on my next post, today I received a confidence boost when I qualified for the Midlands Medley £500 event.

Incredibly, this will in fact be my biggest tournament to date in terms of entry fee. I'm not sure how that's happened, I guess it's because I'm updating on most of the big ens. Either way, it's nice to find myself 'upping the ante' and playing bigger tournaments, and for cheap too!

The most important thing about today was that I played well... finally. I was shocking to the point of depression at the Broadway, so a satisfactory performance today was paramount. And, to my relief, I managed to deliver. My concentration, which was previously lacking, has now made a welcome return, and I have embraced a rediscovery of patience, which has been missing for far too long.

Satellites can be exhausting. Because of the way I play, I always limp over the finishing line, never securing my place comfortably. Now while this makes for exciting play with the odd cardiac arrest being threatened, it also knackers the ol' brain cells and quickly fatigues me. Thankfully, my next comp isn't till tomorrow, so a good night's sleep should solve that problem.

On the flip side, the confidence boost you can garner from qualifying via a satellite can be invaluable. If I'd had just paid in, then I'd be playing straight off a cringe-worthy Broadway display. Now, however, I'm in good spirits and see no reason why I can't scoop 1st prize in both the £300 and the £500. I play so much better when I'm feeling good about my game, so I say the previous statement with the utmost of conviction and self-belief.

On the way home from Deauville, I recall telling Julian that I would win either the Broadway 300 or the Walsall 300. Well, I stuffed up the former, but I still reckon I'm going to be victorious tomorrow. Eye of the tiger, that's what I say. The day I enter a comp without thinking I can final, is the day I lay the game to rest.

I have to confess to giving a rare rubdown today though. Andy Louca moved his shortstack all-in with pocket tens v ace jack. Although he thought he'd won a double-up, the river brought a straight on the board. I jokingly commented that he'd won half the blinds, which is factual and, consdering the size of them, a worthy observation. However, I was taking the Michael a bit and I fully deserved the 'c-bomb' that came my way, although it was all good natured. On a sidenote, Andy sneaked a seat, so should be thankful that the river didn't bring an ace or a jack.

With the bubble looming, I was the shortest stack, only just though. The big stacks, although seemingly bored, didn't seem interested in finishing the whole thing off, so I decided to make a move. Luckily, two tight players, both of whom were shortstacked, were neighbours at the table. I waited till they were on the blinds and moved in with rags for about 6k. Blinds were 1 and 2, but they couldn't afford to call. Also, blinds were going up next hand to 2 and 4, and I needed enough to survive them otherwise the other two shorties would simply fold every hand until I was eaten up. I don't think I had much choice. Fortunately, I escaped the wrath of the two monster stacks and managed to brush off the players in the blinds. Phew. Next hand, the button moved in with pocket jacks only to find cowboys waiting for him in the big blind. Yeeeeehaaaaa, a tiring day of poker, but I was through, plus it was fun.

So, my poker's good, I'm thinking logically and have my wits about me. I'm focused, confident, and at ease with my game. Bring on the next two days, it's about time I hit a big win. I'm due.


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Well done and good luck


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