Wednesday, April 05, 2006


For a fella who doesn’t play the Main Events, 10,000 starting chips and a 45 minute clock at pot limit level was too good a opening to miss, and possibly an excellent opportunity to get in some early practice for the big one at the weekend, which, incredibly, also starts you off with 10k.

This was the most expensive event I’d ever bought straight into, but bizarrely, it didn’t feel as such. In fact, I was pretty relaxed and was determined to enjoy my poker, rather than get so het up on overanalyzing the game.

The evening also saw the debut of my ipod, a godsend of a device that I use each time I play online, without fail. In fact, I don’t think I’d survive without it. Anyhow, I wasn’t sure when to listen to it and when to turn it off, I mean there could be some blatant tells there, but I thought I’d take it down to Luton with me in order to help maintain my concentration levels, an aspect which has caused the odd slip-up in recent times.

I think it worked and I certainly felt more focused, not to mention less bored. I reckon it might be worth a second outing at the weekend. I’ll have to set up a list of inspirational tracks to motivate me. ‘You’re The Best Around (Theme From Karate Kid)’ is a particular fave of mine and one that I have a tendency to play before big events.

Back to the £500er, it was a pretty standard affair. A mixed table, but no pure maniacs. I was honoured to be seated a few seats away from TightEnd, although his life span was cut rather short when he ran a set into a flopped straight. Ouch.

Although I must confess to making 2 or 3 errors, (bluffing into Iwan Jones’s full house wasn’t the best idea) I reckon I played pretty well. Looking back over the week so far, I simply haven’t been able to hit a cow’s ass with a double bass and would say I’ve done the best (well, almost) I could have given the cards.

Last night, the fella next to me had a ton of chips. How did he get them? Straight v set, aces v big slick (all-in preflop), and trip queens v flush draw. He was a tight player who barely played a hand, but he didn’t need to with the deck smacking him in the face. I guess that’s the luck factor in the game and why we shouldn’t be too disheartened when it doesn’t go our way.

The icing on the cake for me was my exit hand. I was down to 4.1k with the blinds at 300/600. Not a sniff of a monster hand and I couldn’t sense one approaching soon. In the small blind I was dealt A-9 suited, pretty good if they all fold round. They did, and I raised the pot. The aforementioned big stack put me all-in, and I called. He flipped pocket fives. Flop = 9-9-5. A straight race, but a sick way to exit in some respects. This game constantly teases. In fact, I vividly recall my thought process as the board was being dealt…

First card = ‘Thank God, some luck at last. Right, I’m back in it.’

Second card = ‘Ah crap, I’ve been here before. This is a sign.’

Third card = ‘Aaaaaaaaaaand there’s the money shot, right in the testicles.’

Fourth card = ‘Nope, I rarely outdraw, nevermind reoutdraw… but, you never kn…’

Fifth card = ‘Ah, I guess sometimes you do. Goodnight folks, well played. (translated = Grrrrrr, raaaaaaaaaaah, arrrrrrrrrrgh, jhfjdfhjfdhjfh)’

I’m saving it all up for the weekend. Hmm, it’s amazing how often I keep telling myself that, I certainly hope it’s true Either way, whether the cards come or not, I’m going to give it my best shot. As I said before, I won’t be going out with a whimper.


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