Thursday, March 30, 2006


Howdy all. My week hasn’t been anywhere near as exciting as Dave’s, but hopefully one day I’ll be playing for a six figure sum, just like he was at the weekend. A great achievement from the blonde one, big thumbs up buddy from the beagle.

Although nothing too scintillating to report, I did however make my long awaited (yeah right) debut at the Gutshot. I’d been invited to compete in a media event with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow being a rather tasty Main Event seat at the Irish Poker Open. Sounds good I thought, but London’s hardly round the corner, plus I’m a lazy git! Then I heard the golden word ‘free’, and I leapt out of the window, jumped into the car, and headed straight towards the nearest train station. Wish I’d put my long johns on first though…

Unbelievably for a simpleton like me, I was able to find the place pretty easily (These tube stations you have down here certainly are handy) and, after spotting Paul ‘MrMoves’ Sandells, I stepped inside after almost exiting due to thinking I was in the wrong place. I mean, it hardly looks like your standard cardroom. I could have sworn it was just a café of the same name and that I’d somehow ended up in completely the wrong place. I was momentarily worried that I wasn’t even in London!

Nice food, good looking valets, Internet access, smoke-free, bright; not what I was expecting at all. In a way, I somehow pined for my dark dingy cardroom as this place felt so unnatural.

After soaking in the electric (?) atmosphere, I was soon joined by Sir Anthony Kendall and blonde’s renowned updater Miss Mason, both of whom seemed to be in confident spirits. Although we chatted away like the good friends we are, there was only 1 seat up for grabs, so we decided to take a small, but still worthwhile percentage with one another. Sheesh, it sure was lucky we did that deal (sigh).

Anyhow, after mingling with the various media powers present, the three of us trundled down into the dungeon and took our seats. Remarkably, although she may have fixed it for her own personal pleasure, Jen was seated to my right. Blimey, ‘looks like I won’t be raising much in this game,’ I thought… and I was right!

Incredibly though, I think Jen actually exited before tikay when her straight was outdone by a higher straight. I have no idea what catastrophe befell Sir Kendall, but I’m sure it was ‘an up the bum’ moment as he’s such a top player and only ever goes out to an outrageous outdraw (cough).

I’d decided to rock up ultra stylee early on and then move into grizzly bear mode later on, and it seemed to work. The standard wasn’t great, and I soon earned my well-deserved double up when my pocket jacks stood up against Mateyboy’s A-2. Now I was up and running, shame Barny Boatman was chipped up.

To cut a long and potentially tedious story short, I accumulated a decent stack but ran into some big hands late on, resulting in a final table bubble. It was free, played in a fun spirit, but there was still a nice prize up for grabs… so I feel my disappointment is partly justified.

Overall, it was a good laugh and I received more than the odd adrenalin rush from the comp, which is always one of my aims. Being a media event, I can hardly moan about the stupendously chunky blinds and faster than light clock, but what I can poke a stick at is the bloomin slowroll I received.

Before the flop, one fella, who was clearly riding high on the booze bus, proclaimed that he’d move all-in to any raise. I looked down to see Q-J suited and thought that this might be a good time to take his chips as I was confident he’d move with rags. Well, when it got round to him, he ummed and aared for what felt like a century. He gave it some spiel, ran down the oh so vulnerable clock, and eventually moved in. What a croc! He had pocket kings and I’d been slowrolled in a flaming freeroll media event. Sigh, if there’s one thing that annoys me it’s a slowroll, whatever the comp is. There’s just no need for it.

Besides this blip, I had a cracking night and fully enjoyed the company I shared. Many thanks to all those involved in its organisation and a big up to Brendan of PaddyPower for the invite.

So, not a very exciting week, but a week nonetheless.

I’m starting a new mission though. I just checked my weight on the scale. 9 stone 2 pounds. Eeeeeeek! I used to be well over 11! Right, time to start food binging, that’s way too light for a guy of 5.11. Plus, it’s making me feel really ill, and I’m sick of feeling crap, so time for a change.

Next time you see me, you’ll think I’m Rick Waller and ask for my autograph (hmm).

The binge starts tomorrow. Good luck me.



At 1:55 PM, Blogger yoyopoker said...

as mark e smith once sang,
'eat y'self fitter'
come see me if you need any tips...

At 6:23 AM, Blogger snoopy1239 said...

This mark fella was clearly a very clever man.

I'm currently trying my best to binge eat, but it's tough. My appetite is non-existent these days and my stomach feels the size of a pea.

At 9:02 PM, Blogger Mr Q said...

In the words of that great Monty Python lucky baaaastard!!

At 6:35 AM, Blogger snoopy1239 said...


Believe me, 9 stone and 2 pounds is not all it's cracked up to be...



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