Sunday, October 15, 2006


In a week where I have been hit by the flu, eliminated on Day 2 of the Gutshot Main Event, endured a frustratingly hopeless Grand Prix and been forced to accept potential financial losses due to Bush finally signing the bill, I was in desperate need of a pick me up. Unfortunately, it failed to arrive.

After logging into my preferred choice of site only to find that it was virtually baron, I decided to try a different site and subsequently deposited 3 grand into my account. Although I ran steady at first, I soon realised that the Poker Gods were treating me as a toy. In the space of a three hour session, I encountered the following losses:

5-5 vs 6-6 (Flop = 5-6-x, all-in on turn)
A-5 vs 8-8 (Board = A-5-5-8, all-in on turn)
A-A vs Q-Q (Q on Flop, all-in pre-flop)
A-A vs Q-Q (Q on Flop, all-in pre-flop)

I also ran A-A into another A-A, resulting in a spilt pot and had a number of K-K and Q-Q holdings met with an Ace on the Flop.

Now, at first, this may look like nothing more than a giant bad beat story, but I must confess to sucking out my opponent in the following hand.

I called a pre-flop raise with 5-7 of spades. Flop = 5-5-Q. I bet, he called. Turn = 9. I check, he bets, I raise and so on until we are both all-in. He shows 9-9, River is a 5. One outed!

I've never encountered such a series of dramatic hands in such a short space of time, and when it happens, I can't help but wonder, just maybe, that the ol' random generator isn't quite as random as I think it is. I know it's probably bollox and everyone says it, but sometimes I just wonder...

Anyhow, I ended up $350 down, could have been worse and I'm happy that I continually stuck my money in with the best hand, can't do much more. I'm battered and bruised and knew I had to stop before my emotions and frustration got the better of me, but I'll try again tomorrow.

Poker can be an infuriating game sometimes...


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