Thursday, December 27, 2007


Fortunately, our vigilante from yesterday was nowhere to be seen today, so hopefully his crusade to block me from every $2/4 table on ipoker was only temporary. However, just because Bruce Banner took the odd day off, it didn't mean he wasn't liable to go snooker loopy again, so I won't count my chickens just yet.

It got me to thinking - what would I do if this guy really did set out on a more long-term personal vendetta and make it his personal mission to stop me playing any games of heads-up unless it was against him? Is there anything I could do? Is he entitled to sit down at every single table? Is he allowed to follow me around incessantly? It's scary, but there are people out there who are prepared to go to these extents, and there really is nothing in online poker to prevent it from happening.

I have no problem admitting that he was a good player, and one that I wouldn't want to be forced to play. He was aggressive, difficult to read, and clearly playing at a level that he was super comfortable with. This unnerved me, and was the reason why I exited stage left. Also, why should I waste my time playing sharks when so many fishes roam the sea?

I honestly doubt he can be bothered now, but if he did decide to try and fuck it all up for me, then I'd have three options - either play another site, change my moniker or try and take him on, whether that be with the aid of a superior player to me, or via my own intensive homework on the guy. I hope no opponent ever makes me pick any of those options, which is why it doesn't hurt to be friendly with the good players. So, Annette_15, Mr Antonius, Sorel Mizzi - I think you're swell! :-)

My session today was pretty limited, as I found it increasingly hard to find a game. There seemed to be a lot of decent players floating about, and all the $2/4 tables were taken, which doesn't make sense to me. It's understandable if they all have one player seated, but if they're full, why not have more available at all times?

I did lurk on a $3/6 table hoping someone would sit with $400 or less. The full whack wouldn't have been catastrophic, as I've played a fair few hours at $3/6 and feel pretty comfortable at that level. This, hopefully, will make that jump from $2/4 easier if I ever decide to step up the ladder. It also means I have absolutely no qualms about $2/4 and can bully my opponents into the ground without worrying about the money if, say, I have to refill multiple times. I suppose playing at $5/10 and losing a $5k pot helps.

I don't recall any hands worthy of your viewing time today, but if it's a case of steady as she goes, then I'm happy with that, I'm not in the Bluescouse kennel just yet so don't need every pot to be a monster.

I'm still delighted to be up though, even if it's just $178.80 squid. One chap was a little awkward. I was $200 down to him at one point after he sat with $180, and even though I almost left, I just felt he had weaknesses I could exploit. So I stuck at it, kept my head and managed to felt him for that $200 and the original $180, minus the table tax. Spotting which players I can eventually beat and which will fleece me for even more is a truly tough skill to develop, but it's of the utmost importance, and, thankfully, I feel like I'm getting better at it.

Heads-up isn't always the most entertaining of poker forms as it can all become rather repetitive at times. Luckily, the human mind can be a tentative, emotional one, and I continue to be amused by some of the twaddle I read in the chatbox. I'm often being called a fish, so it doesn't bother me. In fact, I secretly love it when they go off on one, because it means I can publish it here, like this chap who started off making sense before ranting in tongues. I feel sorry for the letter 'n', it seems to have been singled out for quite a bashing in his momentary rage. I really should point out some of their awful grammatical mistakes though, if they're going to insult me, at least make it legible.

Mentalist: unreal
Mentalist: your lucky
Mentalist: incredible
Mentalist: ppppppssssss
Mentalist: fuclk
Mentalist: do not possible
Mentalist: nciowqdnfc wqerb
Mentalist: yetbvdtybrtv
Mentalist: nyur
Mentalist: n n hr y
Mentalist: n
Mentalist: h r
Mentalist: yn
Mentalist: y
Mentalist: nry
Mentalist: n
Mentalist: r
Mentalist: n

Another chap (yes, I really do attract them) was all nicey nicey for the whole game, before I eventually took him for the shrapnel he sat with. I was hoping he'd take it all in his stride and type 'good game' in the chatbox like an honourable gent. Unfortunately, it would appear as though our blossoming friendship was to come to an abrupt end as he simply wrote the word 'retard' before departing. Ah, I guess there really are no friends in poker.

biggest pot won: $293.00
biggest pot lost: $192.00
time at the table: 1hr 10min

profit = $178.80
blonde poker account = $3,020,43
$1,979.57 to go before the tax man goes away

Days played = 5
total time played = 14 hrs 39 mins
current $ per hour = $117.44
current $ per day = $344.09


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