Saturday, December 29, 2007


Poker can be an emotional acticvity. Last night, I snapped at my girlfriend rather inexplicably. I may have been reading a book about the 50 most prolific serial killers at the time, most of whom lacked any sign of remorse, but I know that if I hadn't been so mentally fatigued from my day's loss at the virtual table, I wouldn't have reacted in the way I did. In this sense, I sometimes wonder if I have the characteristics to cope with the world of poker and the discomfort it can cause. If I act aggressively to those around me because of a bad day at the 'office', then should I really be going to that office in the first place?

He may not have realised he was speaking about poker at the time, but Jimmy Greaves was spot on when he stated "it's a funny old game". As my money dribbled away yesterday like sand through a colander, I knew deep down that I should stop. I knew I was playing bad, I knew I was on a slippery slope and I knew that if I quit a few hundred down, I could easily get it back the next day. However, part of me is convinced that the world is going to end by the end of the day and that this is my one and only chance to retrieve my money, it's truly bizarre, and it's the one part of my game that has been weighing me down like a metaphorical ball and chain on a husband's ankle.

So, it is with a mixture of delight and sustained "grr, I shouldn't have been in this position in the first place" self-criticism that I can report a profit of $528.41 for the day for a running total of $2,419,37. It's weird to think that a couple of days ago I would have considered the current total to be disastrous, yet, given what has happened, I am understandably elated. It's a strange part of poker and the virtual money that we play for that I'll never fully understand, and really puts out a strong reminder to us all that poker is about the long-run, rather the immediate rewards.

Today's total wasn't easily to accumulate, not by any means, and it all started so catastrophically with the dreaded misclick monster peeping out from under the bed and rearing its ugly, unwanted head. In fact, it was the very first hand I played, and resulted in me calling $200 into a $100 dollar pot with 7c-5d and a board of 7s-2h-6h-Kh-Qs. Of course, he had the flush, and of course, I was whisking the mouse over to the 'fold' button via, foolishly, the 'call' button when my finger must have suddenly decided that it couldn't handle the pressure of merely resting on the button, and duly decided to press. Oh well, it was admittedly an infuriating start, but it would have been even more exasperating if I hadn't cleaned him out a few hands later with Jacks versus A-K. Luckily, he had ants in his pants, and I was winning coin flips, which is always a satisfying feeling.

To cut a long (5 hours worth) story short, I yoyo-ed up and down, peaking at $2,500 and unpeaking at $1,650. I won a $687 pot with Qc-Tc versus As-Jd on a 4c-4s-8c-Jh-2c board where I bet every street and $413 with a set of Eights versus K-8 on an 8-J-2-2-6 board. My biggest pot came in the form of another A-K/J-J coinflip, which once again fell my way for a lucrative $770.20. My biggest loss was a bit of a cooler, Ac-Kc versus 6s-6c on a 6d-5c-9c-As-9h board for $527.40. Incredibly, we both checked the Flop, but by the time I'd re-raised on the Turn, I was pretty much committed when he pushed. Plus, he could easily have had something like A-Q.

Looking back at my blog, I considered that perhaps I had a leak somewhere because I win so many big pots compared to the ones I lose, yet not a big enough overall profit to reflect those results. However, I then realised that this was to be expected due to my aggressive nature and that those big pots (eg. the set of Eights from above) wouldn't necessarily get paid off if I didn't splash my chips around and get my fingers caught now and then.

Today was a trying day. I experienced some terrible misfortune with made hands being rivered and sets running into straights, but I relied heavily on two vital 50/50's which thankfully came through. However, what pleased me the most about today was that I played for a long period of time, yet came up trumps. Whenever I play for hours on end, it usually ends in fatigue, tilt and a loss so heavy that it would make Santa Claus seem light on his feet, so finishing over half a grand up has led to the balloons being released, my performing a ridiculous dance and a very lucky night for Mrs Beagle. See, when I win, everybody wins!

biggest pot won: $770.20
biggest pot lost: $527.40
time at the table: 5hr 35min

profit = $528.41
blonde poker account = $2,419.37
$2,580.63 to go before the tax man goes away

Days played = 7
total time played = 29 hrs 52 mins
current $ per hour = $37.47
current $ per day = $159.91


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