Friday, January 25, 2008


Again, nothing too scintillating to report, but I guess that's what grinding out a living is all about, and to be honest, I'm perfectly happy with maintaining momentum and winning a few hundred a day. As long as I can pay my bills, buy into a few major tournaments and continue enjoying what is basically a pretty easy life, that's fine by me.

Today I started $250 down, but got it all back against some loosey goosey French dude. He took a $40 bite out me on the first hand, so when I was dealt Pocket Kings on the next hand, I re-raised all-in for a big overbet hoping he'd think I was tilting and call with Jacks, A-K, etc. He didn't call in the end, but he used up his entire clock before saying, "Tu jou comment". Anyone know what that means?

After a while, it became obvious that he was a very weak player, playing too many hands and calling down too many bets, so I sat back and remained patient, whilst still making bluffs into small pots that I knew were going to be called just so he didn't notice that I'd rocked up. I eventually cleaned him out when I pushed all-in for way over the pot with A-K on a 9-T-Q-J board. He somehow called with 8-7 and that was that. Before I could ask "plus?" in the chatbox he was gone, and I was left to count my money and add my new penpal to my buddy list.

It didn't all go my way today though, as the first guy was a nightmare. I just couldn't get going against him and it took me ages to find my feet. The game was pretty slow, so I started speaking to him in the chatbox and learned that he was from Bahrain where, of course, they are famed for their poker.

At one point I was starting to pull some of my deficit back, when he suddenly announced that he was going to finish in 15 minutes. I then frantically found myself raising a lot more and trying to get back to even before he left. Of course, my overly aggressive style won me a few blinds, but once he found a hand, he took a load back off me.

This got me to wondering, can a 15 minute warning be used as a strategy? If am beating someone and can see that perhaps they are becoming slightly frustrated, is it worth saying "Last few hands for me" or "Gotta go in ten"? I think this might make them play faster in a bid to get their chips back before you leave and hopefully lead to more mistakes being made. You might just be bollocking and have no intention of leaving the table, but I reckon I'm gonna give it a go and see if it makes a difference. I believe the chatbox is a real weapon in heads-up and something I'll be investigating further.

You may notice that I haven't put in too many hours of late, but that's not just due to laziness, but because the tables have been rather dry. Therefore, I seem to spend much of my time sitting at tables waiting, making the actual playing time just a couple of hours. I could play the regulars or pursue the maximum sit-down players, but it doesn't seem to be +ve unless I have extensive notes on them. The optimum strategy for me as an individual seems to be to wait around until someone sits with around half my stack. This means that they can get lucky, double up and still lack a chip advantage. Also, I find these players tend to rack off more, as in when they get down to a certain amount, instead of refilling like the max sitdown dudes do, they just start searching for opportunies to shovel it in with a marginal hand. I call this the 'cracking point' as many players begin to crack at say $50, $100, etc and start racking off.

Still need to update my players notes, some familair names are starting to crop up and I find myself scrambling through my notes trying to find out if I should be playing them or not. If I add them to my spreadsheet of players, it makes it a whole lot easier.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a lucrative day, so I may put in more hours. I won nearly a grand last Saturday, so fingers crossed that I can repeat that score and exceed the $7k mark. Ireland is only a couple of weeks away, and I still want to raise enough money to play the Main Event from my poker winnings. Also there's the cost of expenses, but hopefully $500-$1k rakeback will help with that.

biggest pot won: $485.00
biggest pot lost: $276.00
time at the table: 2hr 13min

profit = $229.20
blonde poker account = $6,407.49
-$1,407.49 to go before the tax man comes back

Days played = 21
total time played = 63 hrs 44 mins
total rake earned = $860.85

current $ per hour = $78.73
current $ per day = $238.93


At 7:18 PM, Blogger Benjo said...

"Tu jou commen" => something like "What are you doing ?"

You were playing against an illiterate french (or at least someone from a french speaking area)

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Michael said...

tu = you
jou = play
comment = how
literally "You are playing how?" so I would guess What are you doing is probably quite a good guess.


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