Monday, December 11, 2006


Apologies for the delay in entries, but I’ve been snowed under with work and unable to give my blog the attention it warrants. And after such a good start since my return to online poker, I am disappointed that I haven’t had the opportunity to back up my fine form with more sessions. However, although I bemoan my lack of time, perhaps it should be viewed as a positive, as the three sessions that I did manage to play within the last 10 days resulted in me losing that $900 (+$150 extra) that I had won before.

Normally, at this point, I would be thoroughly disappointed and beating myself up over (1) all the crappy plays I made and (2) my total lack of discipline which led to the hit. However, on this occasion, I can honestly say that bad play and poor discipline were not at fault for my sudden descent.

Admittedly, I did play a few hands poorly, but on the whole, I honestly feel that the Poker Gods just weren’t on my side. The first session, which cost me around $500 was mainly a result of two hands where I lost my entire stack. The first I called an outrageously oversized continuation bet with a set, only to lose to a nut flush draw, and the second I ran 5-5 into T-T and J-T on an action creating J-T-5 Flop. I’ve examined the hand over and over again and I really don’t think I could have escaped.

Now, hopefully you will have noticed that I try to steer away from bad beat stories on my blog in fear of boring my audience (yes, both of them), but the second day I truly was demoralised by what I saw as a firm slap in the face from Lady Luck. I was plugging away quite nicely until suddenly I received the Bullets and found a raise and a re-raise in front of me. Not wanting to mess around, I moved all-in, only to be called by Kings. A King on the flop and my stack sails across the table. Fair enough, we all lose that contest from time to time. Next hand, however, I find Kings and once again, in an effort to look as though I’m on complete tilt, I opt to push all-in. To my delight, I receive a call from the same guy (seat two) and the board is dealt out. All raggy and I think I’ve won it, until that is he turns over Aces, which is the last hand I thought he had after flat-calling in seat two on a 6-handed table.

So, two hands and I’ve dumped $500. Now if that doesn’t get you steaming nothing will, but fortunately, I’ve learned my lessons from previous months and managed to keep my cool, decided that the table was weak and, due to feeling that I could maintain my discipline, playing on. An hour or two later and I’d scraped back up to just $250 down without hitting any monster hands. A loss nonetheless, but it was still pleasing to save some of my dough after two very harsh hands.

But, alas, it wasn’t to be a sign that things were on the up, as the third session saw me lose around 400, pretty much all in one pot where I ran an overpair into a set. A pain in the ass, but I can’t get too pissed off. I believe I’m playing well, so can only look at my deficit (which is still just $150) and work from there. Everyone gets their bad runs, that was a mini one for me, a disastrous one for just three sessions, but mini nonetheless.

Thankfully, I’m not crushed. I haven’t lost my bankroll or anything like that, I’m just back to where I started a week or two ago. Several times I felt the urge to jump up to my usual $2/4 game to retrieve the loss, but I know this is a bad idea so I remained seated and ground it out. This is what I’ll continue to do as I said I would aim for $4,000 (from my original $2,000) before returning to my more favourable home.

Poker aside for a moment, this week will see me taking my first non-poker holiday in years as Dana and I head over to Amsterdam for a 5 day break. Unfortunately, I still need to manage the blondepoker Main Site, so the lappie won’t be leaving my side, but it’ll be a nice change of scenery for the both of us, so I’m looking forward to it.

With regards to the title, don’t fear, I won’t be going mad or anything. Perhaps the odd mushroom, but I don’t think curb-crawling will be at the top of my list with my other (and better) half alongside me. Well, I’m assuming not. Perhaps we need to talk…

Everyone needs a "relaxation therapist", as Worm says in 'Rounders'.


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