Saturday, December 31, 2005


First off, happy new year all! Seeing that I’m writing this, I guess I’m not too big on all the end of year festivities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Christmas fan, but when it comes to the turn of the year, I’m a bit of grumpy git. Crowded clubs, overpriced tickets, rip-off drinks, not really my cup of tea I’m afraid. What’s wrong with getting pissed in the comfort of your own lounge?! That’s what I say.

Anyhow, back to the poker. I’ve been on a bit of a break really. Haven’t played a full session since a week last Thursday, 9 days in total. Not much of a cold turkey, but then again, 9 days isn’t the longest break in the world. Well, I ended the drought today by attempting to take advantage of the end of year celebrations. Yep, you got it, I’m one of those saddos who stay in on New Year’s Eve, lurking about online, trying to find a batch of good value comps. Well, I wouldn’t say I was too successful in my search as the only really decent value comp I could find was the Ladbrokes $100 rebuy which guaranteed $40,000. With only 156 players, this is pretty good value in my opinion, but Laddies obviously thought ahead by taking 10k off the guarantee. Even so, still worth entering.

Most other comps I looked at seemed to be reaching the guarantee. With the combination of sites reducing their pots and more players trying to take advantage of the lack of numbers, there was little value to be found. However, determined to keep myself amused, I registered for three comps:

Hold Em $100 NL freezout – 6k guaranteed
Hold Em NL $100 rebuy – 40k guaranteed
Omaha $10 PL rebuy

I was planning on playing more, but was a little tired so restricted myself to just the three. Also, I felt myself beginning to lose patience, so, unlike on previous occasions, I made sure that I didn’t enter more comps than my attention span could handle.

The $100 freezout, which found 60 players, was going great guns until I was dealt bullets. A harmless 3-4-3 flop looked good until I found my opponent with pocket fours. Out in 17th after playing a good comp. Always frustrating when a hand like that crops up, but I guess you just have to take it on the chin.

The $100 rebuy actually cost me $200 as I bought in immediately to enable me to see more flops. Once again, I was going great guns until two brisk hands dealt my demise. The first I was caught semi-bluffing when I check raised my opponents top pair with a flush draw. Of course, I missed. The very next hand I found Big Slick and overbet with a preflop all-in, secretly hoping that it looked like I was tilting. Well, one fella fell for the bait, but, unfortunately, I forgot that my A-K was still a drawing hand. His pocket sevens sent me packing and I really didn’t fancy a rebuy.

Still, I was chugging away nicely in the Omaha. Okay, there were only 35 players, but $450 for 1st wasn’t too bad. It was just a shame that top dog was the only position that would show a profit for the night. Eventually I finished up 3rd taking $180.80, so it could have been worse. Plus, I enjoyed it. The banter on the final table was fun and always makes for a more entertaining game.

So, there you have it. Sorry to bore you with all this, looking back, I really haven’t said anything particularly interesting. In fact, I’m drifting off just thinking about the waffle I’ve just written.

Suppose the important issue is that I’m playing poker again after such a heavy defeat last week. There’s always the fear that you’re gonna simply continue losing money, but I couldn’t let that stop me from playing. Anyway, I didn’t profit from the multis, but I played pretty well, so I’m happy.

Tomorrow is the real test. That’s when I hit the ring games again. A good start would really do me the world of good…

Clocking off now before I bore you all to death with my wittering.

Happy new year all.


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